Video: Why This Audi RS2 and Supercharged Volkswagen Beetle Were The Coolest Cars At Wolfsgart Today

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An Audi that was built by Porsche, born in Germany, sold in Japan, now registered in Canada, shown off in Vermont sums up just one of the cars we saw today during day two of WOLFSGART 9.0 in Burlington, VT. 

Today marks day two of our show coverage from WOLFSGART 9.0 in Burlington, VT. Even though we've been at the show since Friday afternoon, today was when people really started pouring in with tons of unique rides, two of which are featured in the video below.



The first is the legendary 1995 Audi RS2 Avant owned by Raphael Mathieu. The RS2 is without question one of the most interesting and unique vehicles ever built by Porsche or Audi. Manufactured only from March of 1994 to July of 1995, the RS2 was a collaborative, limited-production joint-venture between Audi and Porsche built on Audi's 80 Avant. While most of the design elements were handled by Audi, the actual production of the vehicle was spearheaded by Porsche at their Rossle-Bau plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany—the same facility that produced the legendary Porsche 959. 


Mathieu owns an Audi/Volkswagen maintenance shop in Canada, and one of his clients rolled in with the same RS2 you see in the video. It was shipped from Germany to Japan where it was originally sold, and then brought to Canada where Mathieu bought the car from that same customer. It's now being shown off in Burlington, VT, and even though the car only has 146,000 kilometers (roughly 90,000 miles for us in the states), you have to imagine how many more the car has traveled outside of it's own power to get to this point. 


The second car, well it's pretty much the exact opposite of the first. A fully customized Volkswagen Beetle with a blown (original!!) motor producing 290 horsepower owned by Mark Marchese caught our eye again and again inside the show floor.

Like the Audi, which traveled far and wide to get to Vermont, a similar story took place for the Beetle, particularly the engine. It started out in Cape Cod, Massachusetts as a 1600cc dual-port, then was made an 1830 with four carburetors, finally getting shipped to California to a team who specializes in supercharging sand rails to make a fully supercharged 2332cc flat-four, with 5.5lbs of boost producing 290 horsepower. Amongst the car's many features are an extended rear decklid utilizing the front fenders (turned 180 degrees) and a fully-customized interior. 


This was only day two here at WOLFSGART 9.0, and there's still one more day left of show coverage. As always, if you're attending this weekend, be sure to swing by the FCP Euro booth for free stickers, posters, SWAG, and be sure to sign our MK5 GTI for a chance to win a $50 credit to the site. 

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