Your Order Is Now Ready For Pickup

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Our retail center has an awesome new addition, and it's a way for you to pick up orders placed online without ever having to wait in line at the counter.
That's right! Not only can you order your parts for pick-up at FCP Euro in Milford, CT, but you can retrieve them easily with our new self-service pick-up lockers.

What you are looking at is part of the retail center's expansion plan for our new space next door. These custom-built lockers not only look great, but will allow you to come in and grab your orders once you have received your pickup email. 
Featured front and center is a tablet which you can use to find your order. Once selected, you'll be given the option to pickup, followed by a location number, at which point you can finally open the corresponding cabinet to grab your order. 
Check out the video here for a full tutorial that outlines every step of the process. 
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